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Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Medical College in Karnataka Become Cluster of COVID-19

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Karnataka’s Dharwad’s medical college has become a cluster of COVID-19 after the number of students and staff infected with coronavirus rose to 182 today from 66 the previous day, officials said.

Most of the infected people at SDM College of Medical Sciences in Dharwad have been completely vaccinated against coronavirus, officials said, adding that a recent altercation party organized within the campus has led to the outbreak.

On Thursday, the results of the Covid test for 66 fully vaccinated students and college staff emerged optimistic following a test of more than 300 students. More college people are being tested today.

Samples of infected people will be sent in the genome sequence. “Students were completely vaccinated … We will send a few samples for genome testing to see if there are any new strains,” said provincial health commissioner D Randeep.

The health commissioner said the college’s alumni party on November 17 was the cause of the disease.

Chairman of Manipal Hospital and a member of the Carnid task force in Karnataka Dr Sudarshan Ballal said the Covid group was a cause for concern.

“There was a large group of people who had become hopeful and they were all at the event. This means that the virus is contagious. Secondly, all the students were fully vaccinated which means there is an immune system,” he said.

However, he said the disease was not serious. “But what is happening at the moment affects us … We have to get back to Covid’s strong morals,” he added.

Genomic sequencing will help determine a new type of variation, says Dr. Ballal.

The victims were locked up inside the campus and two hostels were sealed as security measures, officials said.

“Most of them have received both doses of vaccine. They have all been isolated in the center itself,” said Dr Yashwant, a health official in the Hubli-Dharwad region.

Patients with Covid have mild or moderate symptoms and are being treated within the facility, officials said.

The state health department decided to screen about 3,000 staff and students at the college and hospital (clinics and non-clinics) today. At least 1,000 people have been tested so far, and their reports are still pending.

Karnataka is one of the few regions where the number of Covid cases has dropped in the past few weeks. The state reported 306 new cases today, with a good rate of 0.36 percent.

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