• Who are the KBH News Channel?

For over years, Khoborer Hath 24 News has delivered news in every perspective Khoborer Hat24 is Bengali news platform, which serves news content in Bengali. Being one of the best news channels in Choochbehar, there mission is to connect people in their own local language. KhoborerHat24 features latest news, various national issues, international affairs to local happenings etc. The website provides updates on national news, international, sports, business, travel, gadget, entertainment, lifestyle, etc. We provide positive, uplifting stories about what happening around us.

  • Where can I see which shows are coming up?

We can’t always control the channel listings but will do our best to work with the cable providers. In the meantime, check out our website for all the current listings for the Khoborer Hath 24 News.

  • Can I suggest programming?

Yes, we value your feedback. If there is a topic you would like to see a show on the Khoborer Hath 24 News Channel, please email us at [email protected] Passion for news is what we’re all about and we’ll happily pass your suggestion on to our programming team as viewer input. Your feedback is helpful.

  • How can I receive updates on the Khoborer Hath24 News Channel programmes?

You can always check our schedule to find out the schedules of programmes.

  • How can I become an affiliate?

We’d love for you to be part of Khoborer Hath 24 News Channel. Help us spread the word about this exciting channel featuring news from every perspective.

  • Do you still have questions about the Khoborer Hath 24 News Channel?

We want to hear from you! Please email us at [email protected]

  • Do you still have technical questions?

For technical questions or issues, please contact us at [email protected]